How to make a repeater in Minecraft?

How to make a repeater in Minecraft

A repeater is unlikely to be needed by a novice who has just begun to master the world of Minecraft. But for those who have already begun to create schemes from redstone, it is important to know about the functions performed by the repeater and its features.

Repeater is a multifunctional device.

Its simplest function is repetition of a redstone signal. Redstone transmits a signal to only 15 blocks. But what if you need to playing Minecraft build a big trap for mobs or long automatic farm? Without a repeater, you can not do it, because it is able to transmit the signal of the redstone for another 15 blocks.

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The second function of the repeater in Minecraft is the function of the diode. The fact is that the repeater receives a signal from only one of the four sides and transmits it only from the opposite side. This property can be used in complex schemes, when tracks from redstone need to be held in parallel so that they do not interact with each other. Knowing this feature of the repeater will help save space and resources when creating circuits.

The third function of the repeater is to delay the signal. The delay is set by the switch and ranges from 0.1 to 0.4 seconds. The delay can be increased by placing several repeaters in a row. This property is used when creating traps for mobs, so that they can reach their intended location after passing through the pressure plate or tensioning sensor. With the help of the delay signal, you can make the flickering backlight of your home, in addition, it is used to optimize the action of many mechanisms.

How to make a repeater in Minecraft?

Three cobble we burn in the stove, getting a stone block. We find three units of redstone, of two craft red torches, and place a red torch on the workbench at the bottom, a red torch in the middle cells on the left and right, and the remaining redstone in the central cell. That's all - a useful mechanism in our pocket!