Blockchain in Video Games and Virtual Reality

Blockchain in Video Games and Virtual Reality

Cryptocurrency revolution began. It was very bright and, as befits everything bright, not very long. The tone set Bitcoin, which began to grow by leaps and bounds, and from $ 350, rose to almost 20 thousand. The noise was incredible, and as a result of the noise other cryptocurrencies began to grow. Many suddenly thought that it was a bright future: all the progressive guys were at home, mine virtual money, and live happily ever after. The gaming industry also did not plan to stay overboard.

Some creators of video games started stuffing algorithms to visitors' computers on their websites in order to help them to scratch some Ethereum, and some even said that gamers could make money right in the course of games; their processor or video card will warm up a little more. The last thing in this regard went to the creators of Warface, who implemented their own cryptocurrency called Crycash. How they deal with it there is not known for certain, but the fact that the gaming community spoke out sharply against the blockchain in games, thus breaking the developers' dreams is an indisputable fact.

Virtual reality

The fact that the virtual reality revolution did not take place was understood by many people long before the announcement of the first versions of Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR, which was then called Project Morpheus. It was enough to look at the failure of a 3D movie, which began and ended at Cameron Avatar. And then suddenly it turned out that people do not like to put extra pribluds on their heads, even if these pribluds give, some special special effects. In addition, 3D technologies, like VR, turned out to be not cheap things, and as a result, Google didn’t go further than Google’s cardboard glasses. Facebook suffered huge losses on its Oculus VR purchase, HTC announced that HTC Vive is selling poorly, and even Sony, which in theory was supposed to sell PS VR to all owners of PS 4, didn’t grab stars from the sky, once again confirming that Its only successful gaming device is the PlayStation, and anything else except that does not justify it.


The reason for the failure is simple and trivial: VR games have not gone further than funny, but quickly tiring shooting galleries or tech-demos. Even the same virtual Skyrim, and that, despite years, had a heap of problems which and did not solve. And the final point in the question put DOOM, which turned out to be extremely poor hand-made article.