StarForce and Denuvo


As soon as the Spiele Affe developers began to sell the game, immediately there were people who began to invent protection for them. The first ones began to appear in the early 90s, and StarForce performed the loudest. It was then, at the turn of the zero, citizens were surprised to see that they couldn’t play some games, and that the damned StarForce greatly reduced the influx of new projects on various e-tricks - the only places where it was possible to join the igroprom at that time. The creators of StarForce at this time were rubbing their hands. Well still: they became founders of the present revolution in the industry. From now on, no piracy. Either you will buy games, and listen to CD-ROMs chasing (and scratching) discs with might and main, or you won't play at all.


However, it did not work out. StarForce was shot down at the very take-off, after which for many years piracy began to bloom in violent color. And then Denuvo came, which started really cool, and for the first eight months no one was able to hack any of the games it protected. The system constantly exchanged game files with RAM, and reacted sensitively to any attempts of outside interference. Then, I remember, many were depressed, but even here the music played for a long time. Denuvo began to beat on her own field, and now this DRM-defense is no longer taken seriously. All that it can do is delay the hack for several weeks. So the DRM revolution did not happen either.